Who won what for the third time in 1977?


Which Liverpool body has three Liver Birds on its crest?


Where would you find the following inscription?


Christian reader view in me,

An emblem of true charity,

Who freely what I have bestow,

Though neither heard nor seen to flow,

And I have full returns from Heaven,

For every cup of water given.


What event attracted 3.4 million visitors in 1984?


Why was the original Cavern Club demolished in 1973?


What would you find inside the Eleanor Rigby Statue (donated by Tommy Steele) on Stanley St?


Who was the sculptor of the Beatle Statue – ‘Four Lads Who Shook the World’

in Mathew St?


Where did John Lennon marry Cynthia Powell?


Which building started in 1933, completed in 1958 used 6,000,000 bricks?


Why is the Casbah Coffee Club famous?


Where was Ringo Starr (Starkie) born?


In what order were the Three Graces built?


Which two Liverpool ferries took part in Zeebrugge landings?


Which equestrian statue stands at the Pier Head?


Which Liverpool body has three Liver Birds on its crest?


Literally speaking, how does Liverpool translate?


On which street would you find gold pineapples, and why are they there?


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