What a weekend it's been here in Liverpool, as the Giant Spectacle visited the city for one final time. Approximately 1.2million people visited the city to catch a glimpse of Big Giant, Little Boy Giant, Xolo and Little Girl Giant as they explored Liverpool and The Wirral! Here are some of the best images from across the weekend that you must see...

Shhh, never wake a sleeping giant...

Little Boy Giant sound asleep in St George's Hall before a busy weekend of Liverpool adventures.


Xolo makes his first entrance

Xolo makes his first appearance as crowds gathered in St George's Quarter to catch a glimpse of the playful pup.


A spot of lunch in Princes Park

Little Boy Giant and Xolo tuck into a picnic in the park, after a long walk through Liverpool.


Xolo says hello!

Xolo says hello to the crowds, as they watch in fascination. 


Something's washed up on New Brighton Beach

Big Giant rests on New Brighton Beach before heading to the city for a weekend full of adventures.


One, two, three, JUMP!

Big Giant stuns crowds as he takes a leap over a giant clothes line on Castle Street.


A GIANT crowd

Thousands of people gathered by the Docks to catch a glimpse of the Giant Spectacle.


A surprise appearance

Crowds were thrilled to see that Little Girl Giant made a surprise appearance for the last ever Giant Spectacle.


A grand farewell to Little Boy Giant

Crowds gathered as Little Boy Giant made his grand exit from the city by floating off in a giant sandal shoe.


The final parade

Little Girl Giant and Big Giant take their final walk through Liverpool as the weekend comes to a close.


Waving goodbye to Little Girl Giant

Thousands of spectators waved goodbye to Little Girl Giant as she headed off on a giant deck chair.


An emotional goodbye

Crowds endured an emotional goodbye as Big Giant made his last ever exit from Liverpool on a giant raft.