Liverpool is full of wonderful culture, amazing music and beautiful places. It's known for producing one of the most famous bands on the planet, it’s stunning architecture and its world class tourist attractions.  But here are 10 fascinating facts that you probably didn’t know about fabulous Liverpool...  

1. It holds a Guinness World Record for 'Capital of Pop'

A total of 56 UK number one hits have come from Liverpool artists, including the iconic group The Beatles. It even holds a Guinness World Record for being ‘Capital of Pop’.

 2. It is home to the largest Chinese arch in Europe

The Imperial Arch at the entrance to Liverpool’s Chinatown stands at a massive 13.5 metres tall. The arch was a gift from Shanghai, a city twinned with Liverpool. As one of the city’s most spectacular sites, the arch is detailed with over 200 dragons and five roofs, making it a photo must have the next time you visit.


3. There are a total of 7 museums and galleries dotted across the city

Liverpool is bursting with museums and galleries, with a total of 7 all over the city. The collection is one of the most impressive in Europe. See all of the museums and galleries in Liverpool here.  


 4. It is the second most filmed city in the UK

Liverpool is a hotspot for the filming industry and is the most filmed UK city outside of London. Some famous movies and TV shows shot in the city include; The Hunt for Red October, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Peaky Blinders. You may even spot some lights, cameras and action on your next visit.

 5. It is the most successful football city in England

Liverpool is the most successful footballing city in England, home to both Liverpool and Everton. It has won 27 League Championships, 5 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 11 FA Cups, and 6 League Cups.

 6. It is home to the UK’s largest open-air shopping centre

Liverpool’s open-air shopping centre, Liverpool ONE is the largest of it’s kind in the UK. With dozens of high street and designer shops to choose from you can shop ‘til you drop and make the most of the fantastic bars and restaurants on offer too. 

 7. It is the 5th most visited city for international visitors

Liverpool is the 5th most visited destination for international and domestic visitors, with over 562,000 visitors each year. With all of the amazing tourist attractions on offer in the city, we are not surprised!


8. The city’s architecture is a must see

Liverpool is full of stunning buildings and architecture – it’s what makes the city so picture perfect. There are 250 public monuments throughout the city and over 2,500 grade listed buildings, the largest collection outside of London.


 9. It is home to the largest cathedral in Britain

Liverpool Cathedral, an integral part of Liverpool’s skyline is the largest cathedral and religious building in Britain.  The Cathedral sits on St. James’ Mount and is open to public daily.


 10. You can stay right in the middle of it all

With lots of amazing reasons to visit Liverpool there is no time to waste. By staying with us you can have all of these amazing tourist attractions right on your doorstep, so that everything to see and do is just a short walk away.

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